Services & Prices

I love to tell stories and weave connections to open a door for people who want to connect authentically and respectfully with Mexican culture. To accomplish this, I use my passion, experience and skilled eye for photography, and facilitate projects providing guidance for artisans and designers to collaborate in an ethical way.

These are the services I offer:

All commissions and projects are done on individual bases so contact me to start discussions and explore a possible collaboration.


These are the prices this service starts at: $16,000 MXN per day

This is what is included:

  • My time and experience as photographer. The relationships and connections stablished with artisans through 17 years of experience.
  • Coordinate appointment(s) with the artisans – previously agreed the itinerary of the visit(s) with the client.
  • Selection of photos and videos – editing and submitting the material (previously agreed format and deadline delivery).


These are the prices this service starts at: $15,000 MXN

This is what is included:

  • Talk about the project you want to carry out: type of products you want to source, colors, styles, pricepoints, market target, etc..
  • Questionnaire on key questions: purpose of the project, current status to accomplish your goals, your strengths, competence, etc..
  • Analysis of the product offer and the market to decide suppliers.
  • Analysis and selection of suppliers.
  • Send suppliers´contacts (via email, WhatsApp – phone, email, Instagram account, Facebook account, etc.).
  • Solve doubts about how to reach out to the suppliers.
  • Ensure that contacts have been made.                                                                                


If you want to buy any of my photos, you can choose from any on my website or my Instagram: @anadelcamino. Contact me for sales & prints.

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!