Look the images below and clik to see my past photography commissions for international and local businesses.


A design studio in Oaxaca Mexico led by designer Maddalena Forcella. Creates elegant, bespoke, hand-made textiles and rugs. @maddastudio * Placemats hand woven with agave fiber sourced by @hermanomaguey

French label that celebrates ancestral craftmanship. Espadrilles and belts handwoven by an indigenous comminity in Oaxaca, Mexico. @legado.shop

«I love the fact you completely understood what I have in mind, my expectations and all the process was very smooth.» -Charlotte Duthoit, Founder of Legado. September 2020.

A grounded lifestyle brand for the modern world. Crafting a life well-lived. Collaborating with master weavers and artists from around the globe to create pieces that uplift everyday experience. @territorydesign 

NYC product design studio. Reimagining artisan traditions through the prism of design. Collections for the home. @lavivahome

«You have a tremendous eye, and your ability to connect and create a rapport with the artisans results in especially soulful photos.» -Laura Aviva, Founder of L´Aviva Home. August 2020.

Oaxaca as an ideal place: here the earth and the sky touch each other. It is a laboratory where the most dissimilar minds and hands come together. @idilicamagazineoaxaca